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Zsa Zsa Gabor

It's been reported that Zsa Zsa Gabor has asked for last rites from a priest. She's in intensive care after complications from hip replacement surgery. She's 93-years-old.

She's appeared in something like 30 movies. A Touch of Evil was one, and The Queen of Outer Space and Moulin Rouge.. But they talk about her as being "famous for being famous", and she is the "ex-step-great-grandmother" of Paris Hilton.

There was the movie Earthquake. George Kennedy gets in trouble when a high speed chase ends with the cars crashing into Zsa Zsa Gabor's hedge.

Personally, I was on her side in that case where she defended herself after being attacked by that hulking L.A. pig.

Interesting facts

A couple of lawsuits.

Gabor and Elke Sommer got into a feud, supposedly after Sommer said that Gabor had inordinately large buttocks. Gabor's husband publicly stated that Sommer said that all German men were pigs, so Sommer sued and won $2 million. This put Zsa Zsa and her weirdo German husband into bankruptcy. That was in 1993.

Later, they sued Zsa Zsa's daughter, Francesca Hilton, for forging Zsa Zsa's name on a loan application and stealing millions, but the lawsuit was dropped.

Miss Hungary?

At different times, Zsa Zsa and her two sisters, Magda and Eva, have each claimed to have been Miss Hungary or to have been runners up in the Miss Hungary beauty pageant. You'd think it'd be easy to check, but no one seems to have bothered.

She and her two sisters had 18 divorces between them.

She and her husband keep adopting men!

That probably sounds more perverse than it is.

Zsa Zsa and her husband, "Prince" Frédéric von Anhalt, have adopted several grown men including:

Marcus Eberhard Edward Prinz von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien (formerly known as Marcus Eberhardt, born about 1969, brothel owner, was adopted in April 2006); Prinz Oliver Leopold von Sachsen-Anhalt, Graf von Westfalen und Askanien (formerly known as Oliver Bendig, born about 1967, owner of two strip clubs in Los Angeles); Prinz Michael Maximilian von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien (formerly known as Michael Killer, born about 1967, owns health clubs); and a surgeon who doesn't want to be mentioned.

They each paid lots of money to be adopted.

It seems that Zsa Zsa's huband's father, a police officer by trade, paid elderly Maria Auguste Antoinette Friederike Alexandra Hilda Luise Prinzessin von Anhalt, daughter-in-law of Kaiser Wilhelm II, to adopted his son who then took the name Fréderic Prinz von Anhalt. (His real name was Robert Lichtenberg.)

This turned out to be a pretty good investment. Better than paying for college. Zsa Zsa and her husband apparently made millions adopting grown men so that each could become a "prince" and use a royal title.

Zsa Zsa's marriage to Frédéric von Anhalt got her the title of "Princess Von Anhalt, Duchess of Saxony".

The legitimacy of any of these titles is doubtful. Of course, the legitimacy of hereditary monarchy itself has been in doubt for a while, too.

Well, I hope the last rites were premature and that she pulls through. If not, she's probably lived enough for several lifetimes, married over and over, each time to a wealthy husband, living in different countries. I don't know how many people would really want to live her life, but it had to be interesting.