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Anne Curtis Nipple Slip at ASAP XV in Boracay

Philippine actress-host Anne Curtis felt disrespected over the publication of the photo of her "wardrobe malfunction" in Boracay on tabloids and the spreading on the web like wild fire. "I really feel upset [that] it's coming out. Sana they had a little respect man lang," Curtis said in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News. While in taping on a dance performance in the ABS-CBN show ASAP 'XV when the right part of her top folded and accidentally showed her right breast. She was then wearing a
two piece bikini and performed a sort of back flip in the dance performance with Sam Milby which caused the wardrobe malfunction. Maybe if she had thought of wearing a nipple tape to protect her from this situations. I hope all Filipina celebs think for the worst case every time they perform in front of huge audiences.