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Fake 3D in Clash of the Titans

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3D is so popular that any movie that comes out with a 3D label is automatically marked as a must a must watch movie. But I guess we can't be fooled forever. Not all 3D movies are really made originally for a 3D theater. They can actually fake it in post-production.

Basically making a 3D movie requires two cameras, where the other camera is a little offset. And people who knows how to do this are expensive to hire. So most 3D movies coming out in Hollywood is actually made in
post-production. An example is the recent film Alice in Wonderland. More about how they make post production 3D movies with this link.

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Alice in Wonderland was actually a good 3D film. But with Clash of the Titans, it was so awful. I do hope that movie makers in hollywood don't make their movies 3D for the sake of it being 3D. They should also consider the quality of the 3D movie. If they can convert it well, they by all means. But if they do crappy convertion like what happened in Clash of the Titans 3D, don't bother. First I thought all movies that are 3D has great graphic details and visually worth the money. Now I think I would be more carefull on what 3D movies I'd be watching and spending extra money in cinemas.

Maybe some the old Clash of the Titans would be better. Available in DVD and Blu-ray.

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