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Mystery Science Theater 3000: Two competing camps?

Joel, Dr Forester and that guy who preceded TV's Frank

Well, okay, I knew that Mike and two fellows who sound like Crow and Tom Servo have been hard at work. First they were doing commentary on DVDs that would otherwise have no commentary track. They were doing the MST3K thing on various bad movies.

They noted the cruel irony---that in order to play characters forced to watch bad movies, they were actually forced to watch bad movies over and over and over to come up with their wisecracks.

So they started watching better movies. Sort of. Independence Day, the Star Wars movies. They couldn't release DVDs with their commentary on the movies, of course, but they could (and did) record their commentary separately to be played with the movie.

Well, now the other guys are doing the MST3K thing live on stage. Joel, Dr Forester and that guy who used to be on there who I think also did the voice of a robot are appearing live.

Are they in competition? Did Joel and his crowd feel they were being overshadowed by the continuing work of Mike and his bunch?

Well, there's plenty of room for both if you ask me. But I don't know...

I did see a You Tube video sometime ago. A lot of people are doing their own MST3K stuff, doing amusing commentary on bad movies. And I thought some of them were pretty good. They gone uniformly nasty comments from viewers, but that always happens.

The public will only accept people from the original TV series doing that stuff.

It's sort of like a certain works of conceptual art. Like the artist whose "sculpture" consisted of a couple of basketballs in an aquarium. He charged a fortune for it. It's a artwork anybody could create, but it's only authentic when that guy does it and only because he got the idea first.