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Demi Lovato proud to fans on Twitter

  • It seems that Demi Lovato statements released by the magazine 'Seventeen' fans have moved to the depths of their hearts. Through Twitter they have not hesitated to express pride in the star of "Sunny with a Chance '.

  • Following the publication of what was said by Demi Lovato on the teen magazine - where he commented about eating disorders and their own welfare and happiness - millions of followers of the artist today hashtag ProudOfDemi popularized among Trending Topics and express how inspiring is the artist for them.

  • 'ProudOfDemi', certainly not lost on the very Demi Lovato, who said he was honored excited for details. 'Oh, my God. "ProudOfDemi is TT? What I did to deserve such incredible fans ... I am honored ... Wow ... I love them. "And you're proud of Demi Lovato @?