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Photos of Daniel Radcliffe "Harry Potter" - 2011

  • Daniel Radcliffe takes the cover of the April / May 2011 issue of the journal Gotham.

  • The actor, 21 years old, also pictured on the outside of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Sunday afternoon (April 3), shared with the magazine on the use of his stature in their favor, being a little scared on stage Ho and feel cool in New York: On the advantages of being short: "It is very good this stature, you just put the hood and nobody really pays attention. " On the cool factor, "There is something very special in this city for being English, because there is a certain fascination with British culture. I do not know what it is, but I feel much cooler here than in England. " On calm their fears about life in the theater: "I have no doubt it will be harder than I worked in my life. I've been training very hard because I do not want [the director] Rob Ashford feel that I have to censor me. I want him to be able to treat it more like a dancer as much as he can. "