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Taylor Lautner is very much in love confession

The actor said his girlfriend Lily Collins, daughter of singer Phil Collins, "stole the heart" as they worked together in the new film Abduction.

"I hardly knew her, we had seen a couple of times but I was captivated. She was incredible, "said the actor.

Also revealed that complemented each other very well in the set "It is extremely talented. Provided that (my character) Nathan collapses, she is there to support it. And she was. "

Taylor also thought of fame and said worst thing about being famous "lack of privacy is bad. It is not normal to go out and have dozens of cars with paparazzi waiting outside while you buy a coffee. But as I said, there are also some very good things and I'm willing to accept the drawbacks. "

The actor said his family helps to keep our feet on the ground "can be famous, but in the end our lives are equal to everyone. We stayed home and not have the exciting adventures that everyone thinks. Keep a balance in our lives is important and that is something you do not want to lose, "he concluded.