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Miley Cyrus returns to Twitter by Charlie Sheen

  • The singer and actress Miley Cyrus is his return to Twitter to their fans and fellow actor Charlie Sheen, who can now stay in the network. Year and a half after he canceled his account, in order to safeguard your privacy, the former singer of "Hannah Montana" has been rewritten to, first, to support the controversial star of the series "The two and half men. " "I will not lie, I'm back to Twitter for two reasons: my fans and to follow @ charliesheen # winning" made ​​Cyrus, obtaining as answer the thanks and welcome Sheen. "@ gypsyhearttour Dear Miley, Welcome back to Twitter! always felt you were epic ...! Now you've shown! Thanks for your sweetie!" , to which the girl replied, "@ charliesheen I've always felt the same as you. You have taught me everything I know about the win. " Although Miley said it would use Twitter "only to communicate important news, the singer already has more than 100 000 fans in your account, a fact celebrated by an image of her with a fake mustache and a poster with this amount. "The Best 100 thousand followers.