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Zionist Natalie Portman's illegal marriage

Her pending marriage will be illegal in Israel

So. Natalie Portman is a devout Zionist. People who encountered her at Harvard have discussed how extreme she was in her support for Israel's racist policies. She herself admitted this to host Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. She's attended school in Israel, she has said that she wants to move to Jerusalem. The vegetarian animal rights activist doesn't have the slightest problem with the mass slaughter of Palestinians.

But now she is pregnant and engaged to marry a "talker"---that is, a "talking animal", which is what ultra-religious Zionists call non-Jews.

Since Portman's husband-to-be is not Jewish, it would be illegal for them to marry in Israel. Israel's anti-miscegenation laws prohibit not-Jews from marrying Jews.

After the Israeli attack on Gaza, Israeli troops put out a line of celebratory tee shirts. One had a picture of a Palestinian child in the crosshairs of a telescopic gun site. The caption read, "The smaller, the harder." Another had a picture of a pregnant woman in the crosshairs, with the caption, "One shot, two kills." Another had a picture of a Palestinian woman crying over a dead baby. The caption said "Better use Durex" (the advertising slogan for a brand of condom.)

We know what these people think of non-Jewish children. Under Israeli law, Portman's child will be considered Jewish because she is. But it's a child that, according to her own racist Zionist ideology, should never have been conceived and should not be born. We'll see if she re-thinks her Zionism.