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Miley Cyrus is reconciled with Liam Hemsworth

  • Miley Cyrus resumed his relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The reconciliation between the two young men has been driven largely by the fact that the parents of the former Hannah Montana decided to stop divorce proceedings that began a few months ago and given a second chance.

  • This made retrain Miley Cyrus, who also decided to give it another chance to her former boyfriend. "Miley was so excited about the reconciliation of their parents who stopped to think and realized that Liam is someone special in your life. Your feelings never went out and now their agendas are better adjusted and have been able to fix it," said a source close.

  • In the decision of the Disney star parents have played an essential role, and that apparently have encouraged them to resolve their problems and differences. Since then, according to this source, the young artist began to talk more. They began to talk about Valentine's Day and now have become like boyfriend and girlfriend. "

  • After six months of break and separate lives, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have decided to take it easy and keep their relationship away from the spotlights and flashes of the press. In addition, Liam Hemsworth accompany the singer during his tour of Australia, which will spend more time together and can enjoy their reconciliation.

  • - Review Our: Hopefully everything goes well for them and be happy together .. From here we send you many greetings and success.