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Lady Gaga went to see Iron Maiden this weekend

The mega-pop star Lady Gaga took time on Sunday to attend the presentation of metal giants Iron Maiden in Tampa, Florida. The diva even went through the backstage of the band and was photographed with Nicko McBrain, drummer of the group.

Twitter through the interpreter''Judas''revealed the photograph along with drummer certifying their presence in the concert of the Iron Lady. The image was accompanied by the following message: "Sexy Beast. 666.

Lady Gaga also recently appeared in photographs with Anthrax drummer Charlie Bernante during the presentation of Alice Cooper in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll.

Just for Twitter message 666, the singer wrote on April 10: "'The Number Of The Beast' (Number of the Beast). Drinking beer and listening to Maiden with the kids of New York. Happy 666 Twitterland! ".

Gaga's flirtations with the metal were presented consecutively. Even the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne said recently: "She is very intelligent, very interesting.'s Crazy and I like the extravagance of that woman."

When he learned Gaga remarks erupted in joy: "Are you kidding?" I am the biggest fan of Black Sabbath on Earth! ", Reports a source. Gaga told a story of how journalist Ryan Seacrest as a go-go dancer, was one of their numbers in the poole dance with the song''Black Sabbath.''