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Lady Gaga is being honored by the show "Glee"

Gaga will be honored next April 19 on Fox, the series that has attracted large audiences across the U.S., "Glee. " This series wants to pay homage to the queen of pop dedicating the last chapter of the second season which has been extended by half an hour because it will sound several issues of the singer of 'Alexander'. The episode has been titled 'Born This Way' in reference to the ultimate success of Lady. Born This Way should be on the other end of the episode. Note that in the episode, much of which has already been run, the producers are going to introduce two new additional musical numbers to fill all of the 90 minutes allotted. This final chapter will discuss the image of the characters specifically for the physical and where we can find out how far they can get to maintain an impressive body. Lady Gaga, said she was proud to receive such honors. However, it will be one of those episodes that used the songs of one artist as a common thread of the plot as in previous installments with the music of Britney Spears, Madonna or the same Lady Gaga.