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Kate Middleton's Cousin Strips to Barely Nothing

This past few months the whole world seems to be focusing more on Kate Middleton. Enter Kate's cousin Katrina Darling. She's a 20 year old burlesque dancer. Her signature act titled God Save The Queen, where she wears red nipple tassels and thongs. Her first performance was when she was 18 years old with the Sunderland dance troupe Coquette Collective.

Katrina had no idea that she was related to the soon to be princess Kate. The two are actually second cousins. Her grandmother is sister to Kate Middleton's great-grandfather Thomas Harrison. Katrina is among the
latest of Kate's relatives to give a sort of bad image to her.

Here's a video from YouTube. Not entirely sure if this is the same Katrina Darling, but the video is entertaining... watch..

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk