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Twilight Breaking Dawn Should be Rated R Because of Sex and Childbirth Scenes

Robert Pattinson says that Breaking Dawn is for more mature audiences. Breaking Dawn focuses on Edward(Pattinson) and Bella(Kristen Stewart) marries and have a baby. If there's a baby, this means hot sex scenes and not to mention the half vampire half human childbirth scene. Seems like even having these scenes Breaking Dawn will be rated PG-13 like the first installments of the Twilight saga.

Robert also added that Breaking Dawn is like a horror movie and said in an issue of Entertainment Weekly that
"There's some interesting and weird stuff going on -- really very, very, very strange." Robert Pattinson laughed at the decision that Breaking Dawn will be released with a PG-13 rating. "I just can't see how it's going to be PG-13... unless they cut everything out," he said on a an interview.

There have been a pair of photos leaked from Breaking Dawn and was circulated through tweeter. Summit Entertainment quickly removed the images but failed to prevent it from circulating. The images shows Edward and Bella in bed making love. Notice that Edward is grabbing the headboard. Other than the sex scenes, the birth scene is also said to be "not for young audiences" with the caesarean on dying Bella and the fake placenta and all.

So far Twilight Breaking Dawn will be rated PG-13. Still fans argue that it should be rated R to stay true to some graphic scenes in the book. But screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg disagrees and is standing by the PG-13 rating.

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