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Avril Lavigne returns with force

The new production of the Canadian star Avril Lavigne is called "Goodbye Lullaby." Here we let a little more information about this topic:

Goodbye Lullaby, is the fourth album by Avril Lavinge. It was known initially as Pink Crust.

On the cover, Avril is sitting on a grand piano while looking ahead with a light dress.

The disc includes an extended version of 'Alice' and a theme that has the same name as her perfume, 'Black Star'.

Avril's look is including black clothes, hair a bit disheveled and eyes outlined with black.

Avril said of this production: "It's unlike anything you've done before. There is a pop rock album. It's more about emotions and feelings."

Avril's former husband, Deryck Whibley, collaborated on this album, since co-produced half the songs. For the rest of the tracks, he collaborated with his bandmate Evan Taubenfield and producer Butch Walker. He also participated in the disc producer and songwriter Max Martin.
In three subjects this successful Canadian government sings accompanied by an orchestra. The songs are 'Darlin', 'Remember when' and 'Goodbye'.

Avril wrote half the songs.

There is a deluxe edition of 'Goodbye Lullaby', which includes a DVD with scenes of Avril in the recording studio, an acoustic session, photos and more..

- Our comment: We agree with this back for the good of all his fans who already were missing a lot .. We wish her the best and good luck in his career.