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Lindsay Lohan sure of his innocence

Lohan is firm and decided to go to trial on charges of allegedly stealing a necklace from a jewelry store, said the District Attorney in Los Angeles: "Ms. Lohan has maintained his innocence from the time the case was filed and never has doubted, "wrote the fiscal Shawn Holley.

Although the judge had proposed a settlement, the actress chose to take the case to court, it is confident in his defense and certainly do not want to go back to prison.

"Although many advised him to accept the safe route 'the deal', the truth is that Miss Lohan is innocent, has a strong defense and we are confident that a jury will hear evidence in a fair and indemnify" Holley wrote.

The controversial star has until March 25 to change his mind and plead guilty to charges of theft. Otherwise, there will be a preliminary hearing on 22 April.