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Britney Spears will manage your finances

The 2011 will be followed by smiling at the pop princess, and that the expected launch of its new album "Femme Fatale" will join that Britney Spears will return to take charge of their finances, which are in the hands of her father, Jamie Spears, after the nervous breakdown suffered by the singer in 2008.

In order to properly manage their money, the singer did not hesitate to hire a finance professor at UCLA to help you distribute and spend their fortunes, said the source.

"Britney is taking action to get control of your life. She wants to gain control of their finances. The tutor will help in basic subjects such as personal account balance and time management, " said the source.

Jamie Spears was appointed financial guardian and her daughter when she was admitted to a psychiatric facility in 2007 after starring in several episodes of violence and emotional imbalance.