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Robert Pattinson shows off with Reese Witherspoon

British actor Robert Pattinson, The Most famous vampire will now abandon the character to continue His career with Other Projects. The young actor Posed for the cover of Entertainment Weekly Along with Reese Witherspoon, The Leading figure of a tape Whose promotion is flying high, "Water for Elephants." The two actors met on the set. "She is genuinely a good person. I DO NOT know if you put effort " Into Creating a good aura, pero watered THROUGHOUT ITS Presence is the set. The atmosphere felt Different if She Was Not There. I HAD to do my part WAS incredibly easy, Are all my reactions produced by only seen brilliant historical work, "Said Pattinson on His companion film. For ITS part, the Oscar winner said on His partner in the film: "He's an incredibly hard working and Ethical. He never complains, Which Does Not average players. Many spend long They Complaining, Especially men."