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Demi Lovato returns to his old friends

Since Demi Lovato check into rehab last November, was not seen again surrounded by his old friends. This is the case of Selena Gomez, who was inseparable before the poor Demi was forced to enter the center where he has been detained some time after an argument with a dancer on the tour he was doing. Now it seems that Demi Lovato recover his life and his friends. The first was the self Selena Gomez, her best friend of all life, and who met six years in a U.S. children's program. Although Selena never said that he had broken the friendship, it is true that for a long time since I saw them together. Another person who has been important in the life of Demi and now wants back is Joe Jonas, who now wants to get his friend, who just suffered a crisis when I was touring with the Jonas Brothers. Some rumors say that Demi is not too happy with the attitude that took Joe after they split, and there are more people who think it was the middle brother of Jonas that prompted their behavior to check into rehab Demi.