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Mila Kunis away from Justin Timberlake

Kunis want it easy, following the announcement of the separation between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel after five years of dating, Kunis want to remove the throttle of the "relationship" he has with Justin because he will not consider that a "destroys homes, "said a friend of the actress. Mila and Justin met while filming the movie "Friends with benefits" where sparks fly between the two actors. "I do not want anyone to see her as a destroys homes, " admitted one source close to the actress. "She did not want to become another of the achievements of Justin, so I asked some space, "he said. "Justin seems to agree with you should wait a little and respect for Jessica. " Following the success of the film "Black Swan" Mila's career on the big screen seems to have taken off with a very good start. She is very focused on their careers and prefer to leave the "fun " in the background.