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Pink mocked on "Twitter" by Christina Aguilera

The arrest of Aguilera and her boyfriend totally drunk, disoriented .. caused headlines in the media
Pink did not hesitate to tweet: "The Britney, Christina and I all thought that I would be problematic, but look at me mom, I'm not handcuffed!"

The reason for the singer to publish this tweet is because when he began his career at the same time as Britney and Christina, the role of "bad girl" she always wore it. However, she has had a much more orderly and disciplined than blondes Disney princesses.

All of this was generated by the new scandal Xtina, who lives deep in a spiral of personal and professional decline. The star of Burlesque and Matthew Rutler, her boyfriend, were arrested early Tuesday. Aguilera, who faces a misdemeanor charge of "public intoxication" had to pay $ 250. While her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, had to give $ 30,000.

Do not say that the singer has something against Britney Spears or Christina, but certainly, when the three began their careers in the early 90's, the last thing you could imagine is behind bars Xtina or Britney with attacks of insanity temporary.