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Barack Obama in Chile amid tight security

Barack Obama in Chile amid tight security
The U.S. president, Barack Obama, arrived at 13:10 to Santiago aboard Air Force One, to begin an official visit that will take it into the country for 20 hours, where he will meet with President Sebastián Piñera and former presidents of the Coalition Patricio Aylwin, Eduardo Frei and Ricardo Lagos. On Tuesday, meanwhile, travel to El Salvador, in what will be the last leg of his tour of Latin America.

To Group 10 of the Fach was the foreign minister, Alfredo Moreno, to welcome the U.S. president, who was accompanied by his wife, Michelle Obama, his daughters Sasha and Malia, her mother, Marian Robinson, and the godmother of daughters, Mamma Key.

The permanence of Barack Obama in the country will be protected by a strong police contingent. The security operation, in fact, includes some two thousand policemen in the streets, which will be coordinated with the U.S. Secret Service

The measures also include three rings of security, along with monitoring land, air and soil conditions in the capital.

During the various activities that develop both Barack Obama as the First Lady of that country, there will be surveillance with about 26 snipers Gope, covering the international airport, the Palacio de La Moneda, the Sheraton, Hyatt and Intercontinental, the Interactive Museum Mirador and Summit School Condors, Renca.

Obama's visit is awaited with anticipation by the government of Sebastián Piñera, especially for the speech to be delivered this afternoon from the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda, which is expected to make a call to establish a new Partnership for Progress - regional development plan implemented by John F. Kennedy in 1961 - and by the gesture that implies Chile have included in this tour which, in addition to Brazil and El Salvador.

Just after 13.30 hours, while it is envisaged that the President Piñera, along with the First Lady, Cecilia Morel, get Barack and Michelle Obama in the Courtyard of The Canyons, La Moneda.

Minutes later, after the ceremonial greetings in the Hall Montt Varas, Piñera Obama will hold a working meeting in the Hearing Room of the Government Palace, after which it will provide a statement to the press at the Patio de Las Camelias.

The anticipated speech of the Chief of the U.S. is expected around 16.00. The activity was held at the Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda, and will be preceded by the meeting to hold Obama to former presidents Aylwin, Frei and Lagos, in a gesture to the Coalition.