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Lady Gaga and Willow Smith have a good relationship

The pop star 10 years, Willow Smith, was seen leaving with Lady Gaga at the Grammy Awards last month, according to Willow's mother, Jada Pinkett, they are very close.

At the launch of Sony Entertainment Television, Jada Pinkett said, "It's funny, I love that she has an affinity for Lady Gaga Lady Gaga has a great affinity with Willow. Have a close and I think it's good for their development. "

Willow Smith and Lady Gaga share more than a love of extravagant costumes, they also preach the same message from women to power in his music.

The actress, 39, also mother of Jaden and Trey, this last child from a previous marriage, revealed that her daughter loves to look in their closets clothes, something she seems very well despite shortened ending.

He recalled, Willow goes to my locker and steals my clothes. To the extent that just using my pants, even though you are a bit wide, and my jackets.