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Strange wanted to enter the house of Miley Cyrus

Police have arrested an intruder trying to enter the home of the famous, and said, "I had an appointment" with Miley, but unfortunately for the boy, the specifications given when he tried to enter were wrong.

The joven, who was arrested around 4 am, is 26 and is called Danasabe Ibrahim Musa.

"Ibrahim was trying to sneak into the home of Miley Cyrus, but he disappeared from home. When we arrived, we found him in the neighbor's yard, police sources have said.

Ibrahim, African American, 1.78 cm and 73 kilos of weight (as recorded by the police report), said he was there because "he had a date with Miley. "

The intruder was "arrested for trespassing" and is still detained until they paid the 3,500 euros that it costs the bond for his freedom.

Still have not heard statements Miley Cyrus, who surely liar, or affirm the fact of whether or not he had an appointment.
Extraño quiso entrar en casa de Miley Cyrus
La policía ha detenido a un intruso que intentaba entrar en la casa de la famosa, y que, dijo, “tenía una cita” con Miley; desgraciadamente para el chico, las especificaciones que dio cuando trató de entrar fueron erradas.

El joven, que fue arrestado alrededor de las 4 de la madrugada, tiene 26 años y se llama Musa Danasabe Ibrahim.