NASA Released New Images of Planet Mercury

NASA released new closeup images of Mercury. The new images were taken by NASA's Messenger spacecraft which is now orbiting the planet using its Mercury Dual Imaging System. Messenger's mission is to research on the geochemistry, geophysics, geologic history, atmosphere, magnetosphere, and plasma environment of the planet. NASA is in partnership with The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Messenger is expected to take 75,000 images of Mercury.

Messenger is an acronym for  MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging. It was launched on August 3, 2004 and went on fly-bys of Earth, Venus and Mercury. On march 17 it has started to orbit planet Mercury.


Japan has Lost the Battle in Containing Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Reactors

Japan has lost the battle in containing the radiation in the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant reactors. It is to be closed permanently. How it will be turned off or closed is still unknown but officials stated that they will be abandoning attempts to keep the nuclear reactors cool. They have planned to entombed the nuclear powerplant with tonnes of concrete to seal the reactors and its nuclear fuel rods.

Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced that the four reactors in the  Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant are out of control and they have no choice but to
close or decommission the plant. Katsumata apologizes to live television for failing to contain the radiation in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. While TEPCO President Masataka Shimizu was rushed to the hospital because of stress and fatigue. 

TEPCO is Asia's largest utility and will be facing its worst problems after the disaster. Its share price has fallen 80% since March 11 earthquake and tsunami. It is said to have a massive compensation bill of $12billion because of this incident. Japan law requires the company to compensate for people's losses and damage caused by the radiation leaks.
Here is the summary of facts with the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant crisis  from
    Radioactivity levels in the ocean 4,385 times above regulatory limit

    Fisherman warned not to operate within 12 miles of plant

    Compensation claims could top $12bn

    Power firm's shares lose 80% of value - may need government bailout

    President still recovering in hospital recovering from 'fatigue and stress'

    U.S. sends specialist Marine unit to assist in decontamination

    Traces of radioactive particles found in U.S. milk


Britney Spears: Femme Fatale

Looks like Britney Spears is back with a #1 Hit on Her Hands! Check out what producer and songwriter Claude Kelly says about working with Britney in the Studio:

Rihanna at Rolling Stones | Video

Sexy and flaming redhead Rihanna takes us behind the scene at her first Rolling Stones Cover Shoot.

Since we all want to know what she thinks of Chris Brown, here's the latest buzz on that:
The singer says she agreed to modify the court order for purely professional reasons.

“We don’t have to talk ever again in my life,” Rihanna said concerning Brown, whose album just debuted at number one on the album charts. “I just didn’t want to make it more difficult for him professionally. What he did was a personal thing—it had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows—that definitely made it difficult for him.”~source

Selena Gomez participated in a UNICEF commercial

Beautiful and charismatic. So Selena Gomez appears in the advertising campaign "Celebrity Tap Project for Unicef ​​that seeks to generate funds to provide water to those without. Who Says The shell, which princess of a fairy tale, speaks with a cartoon bird and invites him to take water from the vessel she has. Selena's face appears at the top of the bottles to promote the initiative. It should be noted that in addition to Selena, artists like Rihanna and Taylor Swift are part of this charity campaign. In the United States will be able to get exclusive packs to collect the bottles with the faces of celebrities.

Demi Lovato returns to his old friends

Since Demi Lovato check into rehab last November, was not seen again surrounded by his old friends. This is the case of Selena Gomez, who was inseparable before the poor Demi was forced to enter the center where he has been detained some time after an argument with a dancer on the tour he was doing. Now it seems that Demi Lovato recover his life and his friends. The first was the self Selena Gomez, her best friend of all life, and who met six years in a U.S. children's program. Although Selena never said that he had broken the friendship, it is true that for a long time since I saw them together. Another person who has been important in the life of Demi and now wants back is Joe Jonas, who now wants to get his friend, who just suffered a crisis when I was touring with the Jonas Brothers. Some rumors say that Demi is not too happy with the attitude that took Joe after they split, and there are more people who think it was the middle brother of Jonas that prompted their behavior to check into rehab Demi.

Shakira arriving in Santo Domingo

The performer of the song "Loca" arrive in the country on a private jet on Wednesday afternoon. Nader a source confirmed to arrive in the country today to attend the concert Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Wyclef Jean and the Haitian presidential candidate, Michel Martelly. The show started after 6 pm would count on the participation of El Cata, Vicente Garcia, Pitbull, Vladimir Dotel, Bocatabú, Héctor Aníbal, and Secrecy. It was reported that installation counted with a display of visual and technical resources, as well as fireworks, lights and high-quality sounds, and extreme security platform. Our comment: Where it is presented delights fans with his outstanding performances .. We wish her much luck and success for her.

Justin Bieber received a platinum award in the Netherlands

Justin Bieber still rocking on his Europe tour "My World Tour '. The pop singer, fter due in the UK, the young artist has now landed in Holland where he made a new presentation in Rotterdam on Sunday 27 March. That same day before the concert, Justin Bieber held a press conference where he addressed a series of questions drawn up by his fans who were even invited to share the stage with the singer. It should be noted that during the event, Justin Bieber won a platinum award for selling more than fifty thousand copies of their albums.

One reason people fell for Natalie Portman's lies

Look at Adam Sandler's movie, Don't Mess With the Zohan. He plays an invincible Zionist ubermensch.

There've been a number of TV comedies like Malcolm in the Middle and The Simpsons which have had children using Krav Maga, the martial art some Israeli claims to have invented, to effortlessly defeat the biggest bully.

And, one time, I was sitting with a group of visibly annoyed pro-Israeli Jewish students at the university whose discussion had be brought to a halt by a weaselly-looking kid in a yarmulke telling a very long, unfunny joke about hundreds of Egyptian soldiers being wiped out by two Israelis.

Zionists have a rather high opinion of themselves. They must be quite sincere in this. It explains why they fell for Natalie Portman's claims. And the rest of the public seems to have bought into this claim of Israeli superiority, both physical and intellectual.

Portman, an Israeli, lacks talent or ability. She won an Oscar for her role in The Black Swan in large part because of her absurd claim to have made herself into a ballerina in just a year and a half, a claim some people may have believed at least in part because of a racist belief in Israeli superiority.

Sarah Lane did the dancing for Portman in The Black Swan. Portman's head was placed digitally on Lane's body.

Lane said:
“They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar. It is demeaning to the profession and not just to me. I’ve been doing this for 22 years…. Can you become a concert pianist in a year and a half, even if you’re a movie star?”
Portman has never been much of an actress. When the movie first came out, Richard Corliss wrote in Time:
Black Swan asks the 29-year-old star to do two things that haven't been much demanded of her: dance and act. ...Portman can look utterly stranded on screen — bereft of an actor's most rudimentary tools — in, say, Amos Gitai's Free Zone or as George Lucas' lamentable Queen Padme.

Her turn in Black Swan, if it truly impresses American moviegoers, won't be the sort that caps the steady maturing of a gifted actress. It will have the shock of the new....



Lady Gaga birthday 25

Gaga the singer more time blockbuster of 25 years old today and celebrated in social networks. With a handwritten napkin, Lady Gaga salutes the anniversary of his birth. Your ID says his father, Joseph Germanotta, is a internet entrepreneur, and his mother, Cynthia Bissett, Joanne decided to christen Stefani Angelina Germanotta. Better known as Lady Gaga, rose a photo to your Twitter account with the caption: "drawing on the table in the restaurant. If I had to give everything back, but keeping my fans, everything would be fine. " A few hours later tweeted, "I woke up, chicken and waffles in bed, pink tulips. More videos birthday of my little monsters. I love. This waiting to be born this day, but were born this way. " On the eve of the release of their third album, "Born this Way", Gaga is kept on the front pages of newspapers. Each of its movements were followed in all corners of the world, confirming his reign on the pop music .. - Our Review: From here we send a special greeting for his birthday number 25 .. good luck and success for her in his life and his career ..

Avril Lavigne launches her new album

The fourth studio album by pop star Avril Lavigne called "Goodbye Lullaby", which shows as a first cut of circulation "What The Hell", whose single clip is already among the most viewed videos on major music channels. "Black Star "," What The Hell "," Push, "" Wish You Were Here "," Smile "," Stop Standing There "," I Love You, "" Everybody Hurts "," Not Enough "," Real ""Darlin '," Remember When "," Goodbye "and " Alice "are the titles of the songs included" Goodbye Lullaby. " Her album "Under My Skin" (2004) debuted at number one on the Billboard, as did her third album "The Best Damn Thing, " which includes the unforgettable number one single, "Girlfriend", which generated over 130 million hits on YouTube. Lavigne also wrote the song "Alice" for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and, beyond the music, the artist constantly adds jobs to its already busy life, as their clothing brands Abbey Dawn, perfumes Black Star and Rose and Forbidden own foundation to help children with serious illnesses and disabilities.

Kim Kardashian denies marriage next

After the announcement of the marriage of the famous Kim Kardashian, she has denied this. Kardashian, who for months out with basketball player Kris Humphries, denies the fact that they have committed, but he says they are going great at the moment are their plans. "I can not believe all that being said, I will also get married and I said this would be the most famous link-century ... of course not, I'm happy with Kris but we have no marriage plans, " said Kardashian through his Twitter.

Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers together against cancer

Despite tremendous success in his youth and the Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez knows that beauty can do much to help social causes. That's why wanted to pay homage at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Sunday. Joe, Nick and Kevin turned up on stage to sing some of his greatest successes in the midst of the euphoria of his followers. For its part Selena Gomez wearing a fuchsia dress flashy enchanted with his presence and voice performing songs from their repertoire including''Who Says,''her new single. Thanks to the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Anna Maris Perez, Jake Whetter, Christina Grimmia, among others, the show raised more than a million dollars to be donated in full to treatments for cancer research in the City''hope.''

Christina Aguilera photographed in passionate kisses

After the scandal starred drunk, Christina Aguilera was spotted now with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler, upon leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica, California. The paparazzi managed to photograph the singer as he shared a passionate kiss with his partner, in the back of her car, a Mercedes black. The couple showed it is still in the infatuation stage, it does not matter that this was the driver of the car. Note that Rutler was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, but was later released on bail.

Kylie Minogue fan of Britney Spears

The Australian Kylie Minogue recently said he is''addicted''to the music of Britney Spears and said he would like to record a duet with her​​. ''I think it's great,''Minogue said in his dressing room before a concert presented to their fans in Cardiff, England on the weekend. ''I've known before and we have worked with some of the same people that help us organize our trip.'' Also Kylie sent a message on Twitter saying it can not stop listening to a tune of Britney. ''There's a song from the deluxe edition, "He About To Lose Me ', which is in my head before I go to sleep,''he said,''I put it on my computer when I'm in my dressing room and just wanted say I am very excited about that.

Selena Gomez shows off new look in Twitter

Selena Gomez sent this picture by pointing his Twitter account he had spent a Saturday night rather amusing. The striking new styling of the Queen of Disney has called the attention of his fans have immediately called his new look. Two days ago Twitter Selena sent in a photo where Lovato Demi was dating after having dinner together, it appears that the relationship between them has improved and old grudges are forgotten. And now the star of''The Wizards of Waverly Place''has surprised its fans with this new look. "One night very, very funny" by posting Gomez along with the photo and immediately adolescents speculate that this is your new face. Currently only known to the beautiful girlfriend of Justin Bieber keeps up with its funny all tweets. - Our Comments: As always she come up with something new and this time it's a new look .. it looks beautiful right?

Megan Fox and Kate Winslet more precious than ever

Sensuality to the surface in the two new campaigns Lancôme and Armani. The 'culprits' are the two main characters, Kate Winslet and Megan Fox appear very sexy in the images of the spots. The first ambassador of the French firm, is chosen to be the image of its new lipstick, L'Absolu Nu, and has been on camera by Mario Testino. The result is a campaign in which the actress displays all her charms, prettier if possible, on a bed in a Paris apartment in extending nude-colored silk veils. New campaign for Armani For its part, Fox continues its collaboration with Armani, now the image of Armani Code perfume. The campaign, which has just been released, was shot in Los Angeles. In the dark of night, a man and a woman looking for something that can not be identified. They fight the attraction they wake each other and slowly surrender to the captivating power of seduction. The story of what happens next will not be revealed because they seem to disappear when their eyes meet. With a sequined gown by Armani, Megan Fox embodies the sensuality and mystery with a 'look' of light on skin which include deep red lips. "Her look is pure seduction," says Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani's international makeup, the creator of the image of Megan Fox for the ad.

Kate Winslet, star in "Mildred Pierce"

"Based on the classic novel of writer James M. Cain", will be released on April 3 near the miniseries 'Mildred Pierce', starring award-winning actress Kate Winslet. The story chronicles the life of a woman after her divorce, struggles to make a new life during the era of economic depression in the 30's. It is divided into five parts, produced by Ilene Landress, winner of two Emmy for 'The Sopranos' and directed by Oscar-nominated Todd Haynes. - A flawless production that combines a cast of first with a story relevant in these times, showing the determination of a mother to raise her family and deal with the difficult character of her eldest daughter, "said Gustavo Grossman, vice president and general manager HBO Networks Latin America. He said is proud to present this original production of HBO as part of their major releases for the year, fulfilling a promise to provide subscribers the best premium quality programming. Her husband's infidelity 'Bert' (Brian F. O'Byrne) changes the life of 'Mildred' forever. To drive them out of the house, is alone with her two daughters and must go out to seek any job in order to survive. Swallowing his pride and enduring the scorn of his daughter over 11 years 'Veda', 'Mildred' get a job as a waitress in a restaurant. With his particular talent for making cakes and exemplary work ethic, after a while 'Mildred' succeeds in becoming a business woman when he opened his first restaurant. Along the way, falls in love with 'Monty Beragon' (Guy Pearce) as you find it impossible to earn the respect of their selfish and rebellious daughter. Although 'Mildred' encourages 'Veda' to follow his dream of becoming an artist, she insists her mother and despise everything that surrounds it. After many tears, 'Mildred' pay the price of a normal little devotion to his daughter, but keeps renewing forces at the same time engage in complex relationships it shares with the men in her life.

Jessica Biel, Revlon icon?

J.Biel has become the new ambassador of the famous brand of cosmetics Revlon, making it clear that in addition to acting skills has a spectacular physical style of the muses of the 60's. After her breakup with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel has focused on the professional side, the truth is that no shortage of projects. The latter has been to re-lend his image to embody the femininity that promotes the firm Revlon, with whom he has worked since 2009. The beautiful artist has some good features to promote cosmetics: a large almond-shaped green eyes, thick eyelashes and infinite, snub nose and a very sensual mouth. Jessica is another of the celebrities involved with Revlon to highlight trends in makeup this season. Other artists like Halle Berry or Jessica Alba also lend his image to show all her femininity in the new season of the firm.

Iker Casillas Xavi offers over Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Casillas also entered the debate over who the best player on the planet and despite being at Real Madrid chose Xavier over Lionel Messi and his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo. "It will surely be among the top ten. I've known him a long time, from 15 or 16 years, and have been lucky enough to grow with it. It has become what everyone expected, I've always said is the one who had to take to win at Barcelona. " Casillas, when quarry, knows the history of the club and the high demands that are within the institution: 'At this point I would say that Real Madrid's season is nine out of ten, to get ten of the ten that have to win a title.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez sang together

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have joint projects. It is unclear whether this is the next album or a TV show, but something has, according to reports coming to the industry average, the most feasible is to share vocals on a new song that was part of the next and third jobs Lovato Music. But the first thing was supposed to end their differences. For this Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had a girls night this weekend. The two stars of Disney went out to dinner, which really shows that they have reconciled. It was reported earlier last week that Gomez and Demi had resumed their friendship.

Hailee Steinfeld promises to be a fashion icon?

Steinfeld has not only managed to be one of the youngest Oscar-nominated for his performance in "True Grit" by the Coen brothers, but many designers have had your eye on it for their particular style and elegant dressing. Unlike other celebrities of his age, Hailee always looks his age, but does so with a touch of freshness, innovation and style. For this award at the Oscars, she was surprised to style tale princess who was praised by all the review looks of celebrities. - Our Comments: A very pretty girl right? From here we send you luck and success for her.

Vanessa Hudgens and Mila Kunis girls of the moment

They are said to the girls of the moment that captures your love life the press ... But who is more famous? Although Mila Kunis and Vanessa Hudgens are both young, sexy, brunette and loved by thousands of teenagers, there is good reason Hudgens does not reach the level Kunis. Money. But not for what you believe. First let's see what we have witnessed today. Hudgens appeared on television for the first time in 2002, but her debut was four years after starring in the TV movie High School Musical. Then followed a second part, another franchise and many guest appearances on other shows. Since then, Vanessa has had more important roles, but remains in the niche of adolescents Bandslam, Beastly and Sucker Punch, which opens on 25 March. Let's look at Mila. Famous since 1998, when he debuted as a teenager with That 70's Show program. This was the show that catapulted the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace, Mila and allowed to make a name, age and 7 years of acting experience. Something similar to what has been achieved with their participation in Family Guy. In 2008 came the great opportunity to Mila film: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, basically stealing the show with Kristen Bell and that other guy that no longer remember your name. Since then the race has been growing Kunis, with projects that not only pursue a teenage audience but also the romantics, hot and all those between these two poles. How has so much more than Vanessa? As in the first place for having a sitcom. That 70s Show was prime-time cable television for a long time. More people know her for when the series ended. "Hudgens? Well, the first occasion was in the Disney Channel and lasted a relatively short time, besides being focused on one group of spectators. If Hudgens wants to make major motion pictures have to have a wider audience, and still does not. Now we are going to issue about money: There is a strong possibility that more rich Kunis Hudgens thanks to royalties that may leave you That 70s Show. We talked about a lot of money, because it has been broadcast endlessly. Kunis has assured us that even those gains have been spared the need to work to eat, and that is why we can wait to choose only the best papers. Hudgens amassing not so fortunate with the success of High School Musical movies? Apparently not. So Hudgens can not wait for Aronofsky's next big film to get to work.

Mila Kunis away from Justin Timberlake

Kunis want it easy, following the announcement of the separation between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel after five years of dating, Kunis want to remove the throttle of the "relationship" he has with Justin because he will not consider that a "destroys homes, "said a friend of the actress. Mila and Justin met while filming the movie "Friends with benefits" where sparks fly between the two actors. "I do not want anyone to see her as a destroys homes, " admitted one source close to the actress. "She did not want to become another of the achievements of Justin, so I asked some space, "he said. "Justin seems to agree with you should wait a little and respect for Jessica. " Following the success of the film "Black Swan" Mila's career on the big screen seems to have taken off with a very good start. She is very focused on their careers and prefer to leave the "fun " in the background.

Hilary Duff makes charitable action in Chicago

Hilary Duff takes every opportunity it provides to share with the needy, which is why yesterday, March 23, Hilary was part of "Blessings in a Backpack 'in Chicago. The star of Lizzie McGuire visited a local school taking several gifts for children. Hilary Duff repeated the act and also did a day earlier, on March 22, when he came to a public school in Indianapolis. The nearly 400 children received packages containing enough food. On the food problem, Hilary Duff said: "It's a big problem. I think that until this problem is over, I will continue doing everything within my power to help.

Zac Efron handsome and sexy photos

Here I share some images showing their strong muscles Efron, I hope it's welcome to you all .. As we all know Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens had ended their relationship .. Hudgens said in an interview that the lack of contact was one of the big problems: 'The long-distance relationships are hard no matter what. When there is no time to meet face to face, it's just different.

Hollywood went to Reese Witherspoon's marriage

Actress Reese Witherspoon and agent Jim Toth were married in a romantic ceremony on Saturday at historical luxurious ranch in Ojai Valley (California). To link Attendees only one hundred guests Relatives of the couple and Their closest friends, Including Many familiar faces and colleagues as the actress Renée Zellweger, Salma Hayek or Scarlett Johansson, Who Went with Sean Penn, has-been linked with Whom in Recent months, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. and His Wife, Susan, Alyssa Milano, Matthew McConaughey and Isla Fisher. Their courtship the couple Began Began in 2009, months after the actress to end three-year STI Relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. It is the second marriage of Reese, Was Married for seven years to actor Ryan Phillippe, with Whom She Has Two children together, Ava, 11, and Deacon, 7. Some success in 2005 Witherspoon for her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line, Which earned him Oscar, Golden Globe, a BAFTA and Screen Actors Guild Award for best actress.

Gerard Piqué: "My favorite singer is Shakira"

FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, heels, confessed during an interview on Spanish television station Cuatro your favorite singer is Shakira, who currently maintains a relationship. During the conversation with the journalist Sara Carbonero, girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Pique also said he likes the music of Alejandro Sanz and Joan Manuel Serrat. In addition, the defense azulgrama said his favorite dish is rice to Cuba and one of his books of reference is "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. At another point, he stressed the communicative role of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, this being one of the means used to raise public awareness of its relationship with Colombian performer, posting the first picture in which they appear both.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the star in new Nike commercial

The Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo is the star of the new advertisement of the sports brand Nike, which introduces the new model shoes Mercual Vapor Superfly II. Who is 'Superfly'?, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player responds that it is unpredictable, which stands in front of others, who always asks for the ball. A mentally tough player and always there when his team needs him. Needless to say that Portuguese is believed that type of player. In the commercial also refers to other figures involved in this new advertising campaign. Some of them are: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marco Borrielo, Neymar, Peter, Theo Walcott, Aaron Lennon, Carlos Vela and Mezut Ozil.

Robert Pattinson shows off with Reese Witherspoon

British actor Robert Pattinson, The Most famous vampire will now abandon the character to continue His career with Other Projects. The young actor Posed for the cover of Entertainment Weekly Along with Reese Witherspoon, The Leading figure of a tape Whose promotion is flying high, "Water for Elephants." The two actors met on the set. "She is genuinely a good person. I DO NOT know if you put effort " Into Creating a good aura, pero watered THROUGHOUT ITS Presence is the set. The atmosphere felt Different if She Was Not There. I HAD to do my part WAS incredibly easy, Are all my reactions produced by only seen brilliant historical work, "Said Pattinson on His companion film. For ITS part, the Oscar winner said on His partner in the film: "He's an incredibly hard working and Ethical. He never complains, Which Does Not average players. Many spend long They Complaining, Especially men."

Robert Pattinson: "I live tired all the time"

Pattinson, Who is best Known for His role in the Twilight film franchise and now for her performance in 'Water for Elephants, Said living in a trance. Robert Pattinson has a busy lifestyle and showbiz, and I ADMITTED Struggling to extreme fatigue to the point That When not working just go Into a state of trance. I'm tired all the time!. I'm running or waiting, "Said Pattinson in the British edition of OK!. 'So I Have to Actually do something, I'm just sitting in a trance."

Justin Bieber defended his friend Chris Brown

The R & B singer, Chris Brown (21 years), was accused this week of losing his temper and control the television program Good Morning America. During the interview they asked questions about his former girlfriend and pop singer Rihanna did not seem to like Chris, it seems to be tired that you associate with aggression and violence. Unable to contain his excitement broke a window in the dressing room. He later apologized and said he "wanted to release the anger inside me. " After what happened Justin Bieber quickly Twitter, where he showed his full support to his friend who also recorded the song "Next 2 You ".

Avril Lavigne does not rule out marrying again

Singer Avril Lavigne, who was separated from the rocker Deryck Whibley last year, after four years of marriage, said her unsuccessful married life has not stopped to consider remarriage.

The singer of "What the Hell?" explained that just want to start a family in the future and then change its priority. 'Everything revolves around love and I try that that is my priority. One day I hope to have children and do all that. "

Even if does not rule out giving another chance to love life again, Avril Lavigne says she is focused on their work. 'For now I'm focused on my career, my album, my tour and, of course, what happen to me then yes, go for it'.

- Review Our: Hopefully everything will go well and when she decides to find someone with whom to raise a family .. From here we send greetings and good luck.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are reunited?

Añadir imagen
Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal went out together a few months at the end of last year. Then the couple split just before Christmas because of "age difference" and harassment of the media, as reported sources close to the couple. Now they been seen together.

The couple was spotted leaving in Nashville, Tennessee last week, prompting speculation that they have rekindled their romance. The only thing certain is that they went to dinner together.
It may not be more than a friendly dinner. What surprising is that only weeks before it was noted that relations between the former couple were very tense for telephone harassment Jake Gyllenhaal applied against the singer!.

Vanessa Hudgens is thinking about Zac Efron

Since Hudgens and Zac Efron finished their five-year relationship before Christmas, the couple has remained fairly quiet.
It seems that the jump from relationship to relationship is simply not his style, even though Vanessa has been linked to Josh Hutcherson.

During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, said of his ex Vanessa Zac: "We are good friends. After being with someone for so long must you always be the friendship ... "

However, fans of the actress wants to know their status and she insisted: "I'm single!"

When Ellen asked about the recent rumors, he laughed: "Can not a girl have friends?"

The reality, however, is that friends of actress Vanessa consider, let alone Efron has been forgotten and that all their movements are intended to recover.

- Our Comments: It is indeed a long relationship not forget day to day .. haver hopefully passing between them .. vuelvana make you believe that your relationship?

Madonna attended a party dressed as Chaplin

Madonna, The Queen of Pop "attended an event for the feast of Purim dressed all in Charlie Chaplin. The black suit that the actor used in his now familiar role in "The Tramp" made ​​it completely unrecognizable Madonna shone on the night of the party.

The singer wore a pair of baggy pants, a dense layer, a small derby hat, mustache and little of the great comic actor.

Diva attended the evening accompanied by famous photogs Steve Klein and their children Lourdes and Rocco 14 years 10.

Is known to have spent part of her Kabbalah faith and often welcomes the significant dates in the Jewish calendar.

- Our Comments: As always surprise her with a new style of clothing .. but he looks good isn't it? This gorgeous as always .. Luckily for her