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Anahi RBD former was operated in Mexico Emergency

In his account of Facebook and Twitter, the former office issued a short statement RBD to inform fans of this intervention, which was a success. Here Complete the statement issued by the office of the actress and singer.

- To all fans.-

Anahi inform you that recently emerged from an emergency operation in a hospital in Mexico City. A couple of days, several studies in which physicians through a CT scan found that the oxygen that naturally must reach the brain, was locked in a large percentage due to a deviated septum in his nose caused by a blow early. The doctors immediately determined that this was the main cause of several ailments that Anahi has suffered in recent years, but mainly it was a cause of stroke, and had to be dealt with immediately.
With the intention not to alarm the fans, we did not make any statement until the operation was performed. We can now share with you that Anahi is safe and that the operation was a success.

Anahi is idle next week, and is expected to be very fast recovery

We appreciate your concern and good wishes.

From his Twitter account, the singer wrote: How I can thank many displays of affection? Thanks x being in the moment with me. The master of hearts.