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Avril Lavigne shows new tattoo on Twitter

The Canadian singer has decided to immortalize the moment you put on a new tattoo on his neck. Avril Lavigne was relaxed with some friends at the time, so he decided to tell all to his fans through photos uploaded to your Twitter.

Avril is promoting his new album called Goodbye''Lullaby''and way of celebration of the album's release met with some friends on Sunday. They were so happy that spontaneously decided to approach a local tattoo in Hollywood and into the night.

Once there, the 26 year old singer got her tattoo number 11 on his body, though some fans claim that she only has 8. The figure was made ​​captive, one of the characteristic symbols of punk. Lavigne shared in three shots the whole process of tattooing.

Day girls.!, we're listening to my new album and catching up, "wrote the singer on Twitter." The 'Day of girls' has become an evening 'all girls' ... Should I get a tattoo? ". Given the suggestive question, more than 720,000 fans were accompanying Avril in this nocturnal adventure, in which he dared to give clues about the picture you chose to be tattooed.