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Charlie Sheen gets another Guinness record

Only 25 hours Charlie Sheen took over a million followers on his Twitter account (@ CharlieSheen), breaking the Guinness record in this regard.
The announcement was made by Dan Barrett, community manager of Guinness. Sheen opened his account on Tuesday March 1 minute and got 60,000 fans, without ever having published its first review. Currently, your account exceeds one million 300 thousand followers.

This is the second time Guinness record records on social networks. Debuted last month with my favorite competition on Facebook, which played Oreo, the popular Nabisco cookie and Lil Wayne.

But now, Sheen set a new record of being the person to achieve in less time a million followers in Twitter, so it borrowed in only twenty-five hours and seventeen minutes.

Twitter Charlie entered the first of March, in minutes resulted in more than sixty thousand fans and a score 57 on Klout (portal to measure the influence of the Twitter users) without having tweeted anything yet.

Beyond the controversy that now live around the actor, a situation that has given much importance at the international level, another thing that could have helped achieve this growth so violent in its account, with about 10 new followers for the second was the fact that he managed to obtain verification of Twitter in minutes. It is said that this was possible thanks to the mediation of Ad.ly, a company specializing in social network management for celebrities and some companies.

For Guinness, this is the second record to give to social networks. Last month, Nabisco people through his well-known product, Oreo cookie, created a contest for the glorification trying to achieve as much "Like" on Facebook in a span of 24 hours, obtaining 114,619. Although few hours later, the rapper Lil Wayne was released in the same race leaving Oreo 588,243 penalty to get clicks the button "Like" in this network at the same time, which earned him the record, which still maintains .