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Donnie Steele confirmed that Slipknot will be their new bassist

As you know, the main cause of uncertainty about the future of Slipknot is death one of its founding members, bassist Paul Gray.
Since then, the band members have not agreed on whether there will be a new album. The times that were more optimistic confirmed that only someone Slipknot family could take the place of Gray. And in a way, finally has.

Through its official website, the band has announced that the next live commitments Donnie Steele who will play bass. He was the first guitarist that was Slipknot, left the band in 1996.

This is the statement that the group has written:

Donnie was in the band at the beginning, and instead of calling someone other than Slipknot thought it would be a fitting tribute to Paul that the choice belonged to the family. Donnie was a great friend of Paul and we can not find a better way to commemorate his memory to have someone who started this project with us. We look forward to going on stage again and honor the legacy of Paul with our families in Europe and Brazil this summer.

This announcement comes at a sensitive time because a few days ago the lead singer Corey Taylor Slipknot referred to in the past and confessed that he never felt connected to their classmates.