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Guys filming something----but for what?

I saw two guys with Flip cameras. One was filming traffic with the camera down on the sidewalk. The other was standing, filming, standing on the safety island halfway across the street.

I kept looking at the camera, so I may have ruined the shot.

And something unrelated from Two and a Half Men
"Let me tell you about your Uncle Charlie. He puts on a happy face, but deep down, he is a sad, lonely person."
Jon Cryer to Angus T. Jones.

I don't know why I put that here. It doesn't really reflect anything about Charlie Sheen and his present difficulties. I don't know if he's sad or lonely, and I don't know that he ever tried to appear especially happy. He's not like, uh-----well, what famous person is there who went around trying to appear happy? Maurice Chevalier? Rosalind Russell?