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Images and news of Justice Victoria 2011

Victora Justice actress appears in Seventeen magazine for the April 2011, commented on the insecurities and also on smoking, drinking and using drugs.
We are always looking for new experiences and I believe that everyone has tried smoking or alcohol even before the age of 15, but the famous always throw up when you do these things, fortunately we have had scandals of Victoria Justice, although she has also tried these things: "I will not lie: I've tried things.

I'm not a robot that is programmed to be perfect. I've been at parties in high school. And although I had a drink, is always in a responsible manner. I've gone through a phase where I wanted to try smoking, and for a moment I did. But soon after, I ended up realizing I was serious, and I did not like about it, "said Victoria.

No need to worry, Victoria tried it but it is responsible and now does none of that, but she goes to parties to dance: "If I'm at a party, I'm going to dance, not to put myself in a corner with smoke and having a drink. I think that smoking, drinking and drug use are a bit selfish, as they end up isolating themselves from others. And I had to take decisions and be more responsible with my life. I have given a great opportunity, and I do not want to leave my fans and family, "added the actress.