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James Bond's Daniel Craig Wears a Dress

James Bond's Daniel Craig wears a dress for March 8's  centenary of the International Women’s Day, not to mention with a fluffy blond wig. Surprisingly agent 007 is an attractive woman. This is for a campaign to highlight the inequality to women around the world. The short film features the voice of Dame Judi Dench as M asking Bond if they are equals and if Daniel is a woman this and that. Daniel doesn't talk in the film but does a good job posing as a woman.

Although the film looks funny, it does deliver a serious message about equality between men and women. The films says that women does 2/3 of the work in the world and yet only has 10% of the income and 1% of property. It also says that at least one in four women are victims of domestic violence and every single week in the U.K. The short film is directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and is scripted by Jane Goldman.
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Sam Taylor-Wood said: "Despite great advances in women’s rights, statistics show that when it comes to the balance of power between the sexes, equality is far from being a global reality. " 

EQUALS spokeswoman, Esme Peach said: "We are thrilled that Sam Taylor-Wood, Daniel Craig, Dame Judi Dench and such a prestigious production team agreed to create this powerful short film for EQUALS."

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk