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Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson change look

The Twilight actor Robert Pattinson surprised the fans that continue to follow trail to appear on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last with a look very similar to Prince Harry.

An orange color in her hair was the great change that the actor struck in his look and which caught the attention of their followers.

"I had to keep switching between the two films, " said the star E! News on the different roles of 'Sunrise' and 'Water for Elephants. "

"I think it's a good change, " said Pattinson who was responsible for presenting the award for Best Foreign Film with Olivia Wilde.

For his part, Justin Bieber also modified aspects of his style. The Canadian came to the awards sporting a new hairdo.

Justin dropped his traditional natural hair to be replaced with a look much more daring, carefree and wild. Just using a little more gel, Bieber got a fresher and different.