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Justin Bieber Fan creates chaos in Liverpool

Bieber Juston's visit to England has been a success, although things have gotten a little control, as recently in the city of Liverpool and hundreds of girls waiting for him outside his hotel.

And while the young singer was in his room at the hundreds of fans outside shouting, so security items immediately Bieber warned that this could get out of control and even threatened with arrest.

This warning is due to security issues that it was best that the singer never appeared at the balcony, and in case of disobedience would be arrested for inciting public disorder.

The singer was about to wreak havoc on the city to support the upcoming tour of concerts in Europe.

More than 500 fans gathered outside the hotel where the artist remains located CAME Bieber

However, the singer or one of your staff, you are not allowed to leave the balcony, this act is forbidden by the British police could incite rebellion.

Bieber finally followed the recommendations, while a team of 25 officers tried to control about 500 fans who were in the vicinity of the hotel ...

But in spite of all this .. no way to bigger problems.