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Justin Bieber made rude gesture to paparazzi

After celebrating his birthday with Selena Gomez, a dozen paparazzi besieged Justin Bieber in order to take a picture of the couple of times.

However, it seems that the singer did not like this situation and showed all his annoyance showing the middle finger to photographers, who were coming out of a restaurant where Justin enjoyed an evening with his girlfriend.

After what happened, the singer of "Baby" mea culpa did and left a message to their fans in their twitter account. "I had a great birthday and the end of the night I was surrounded by paparazzi and did not react in the best way. I'm sorry.'s not always easy, but I should not react with anger. "

As you know, Justin Bieber turned 17 last March first after confirming his relationship with Selena Gomez has become even more the favorite of photojournalists.