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Kanye West appears on the cover of VMAN

"No risk, no reward: The thrill of the game"is the theme of this edition of the magazine. Kanye should know that she's always very fashionable and can combine to make music, so the photographer Karl Lagerfeld wanted to say a few words about "Kanye has the force of mixing music and fashion," You have an instinct that instant looks and sounds good. "He makes all things new and different. "

While out on the cover of the magazine, all fashion and black, the singer wanted to do an interview, you want your music speak for him: "I do not want to do an interview. I let the music speak for itself. "

In addition, MTV News spoke with Jay-Z on "Watch the Throne", he said: "This is another record level," Due to Kanye, I've seen. It is really like a brother to me. I've seen from beginning to where you are now and see it as a producer and you can see how it's growing as a producer and an artist, to me is another level, it's nice.

The rapper, singer and American music producer, Kanye, wears a Prada jacket and shirt of Tom Ford for the cover of the magazine.