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Kim Kardashian draws on Nicki Minaj to change look

Her long shiny hair is almost as famous as her curvaceous figure. But Kim Kardashian decided to change the look and painted some of his locks of red hair for her new video.

Kim Kardashian, reality star, turned completely to her new music video Jam, and she said he was inspired by the singer Nicki Minaj for its new look.

The entrepreneur of 30 years, Kim Kardashian, unrecognizable with her wig she wore red with long nails the same color.

Red hair, a shaggy, decorated artificial nails, red lips, passion and a cleavage of vertigo. That is one aspect that will look like Kim Kardashian estrelal television in the video for his debut in the world of music to 'Jam '.

The Kardashian, who taught part of the transformaciçon on your twitter, did not hesitate for a moment to remove, though not definitive, famous hair for a wig of bright dyed red locks. His transformation was not complete but if substantial, a point which, as she herself is inspired by the music star, Nicki Minaj.