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Lady Gaga cry excited about her little fan Maria Aragon

Used to seeing her dressed in his eccentric looks, few can imagine that at the bottom Lady Gaga is a sensitive woman she's excited to see the love and affection you show your fans. In fact, the concert he gave at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto (Canada) is a proof. The American singer took the stage with Maria Aragon, a girl of ten years which is the newest sensation on YouTube, to sing with her some of the themes of his latest album.

So Gaga could not help the excitement and began to mourn to see how the little played his single 'Born This Way'. "She and you are the reason I wrote this song," confessed the artist in his personal Twitter account at the end of the concert.

The girl Maria Aragon, who recorded in a beautiful and popular YouTube imitation of Lady Gaga, was invited by his favorite singer share the stage.

The peculiar incident happened in the last concert held in Toronto Lady Gaga. As promised days earlier, the pop singer called Mary the small stage, only 10 years to sing the song 'Born this way. "

"I'm very excited. Mary is with me today because she represents the significance of this issue. The most important thing is the next generation. The future, "said the interpreter 'Bad Romance."

The performance of the girl managed to break a Lady Gaga, who wept in front of their fans. The audience responded with applause to the duet.