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Lady Gaga now inspires new dress of "Iberian ham"

Aware of Lady Gaga's fascination for the weird and wacky models, the Spanish designer Patricia Gruart announced that created a dress based on "Iberian ham" much better quality than the one the singer wore last year in the delivery of MTV and made of beef.

This is a sexy dress, short and low cut, carried out between 500 and 600 caps of Iberian ham, the tastiest of Spain, and are subject to a plastic base that allows you to look better the color of the meat.

According Gruart, who has worked in Barcelona and Huelva, its design was simple and required little four-inch cut to avoid sliding down the weight.

The manufacturing process was like that of any dress, and measures were taken, it became the pattern, cut and made various tests.

The meat dress Gaga has so far been the most controversial model that has looked at some red carpet Born the shell this way.

Although no one will wear the dress at the carnival and that his life will be very short, the initiative has met the objectives for which it was created: to draw attention to fashion and the Iberian sector, which is also suffering the crisis, Gruart.

Lady caught the MTV Video Music Awards gala in 2010 and which took eight of the thirteen awards and grabbed the spotlight with his eccentric dress, including pieces made with raw meat.