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Matt Damon stars in "The Adjustment Bureau"

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in "The Adjustment Bureau, a romantic movie and thriller that arrives today at U.S. cinemas and on which its director, George Nolfi, raises the extent to which humans control their destiny and if you can change.
Shot in New York and based on the short story by science fiction of Philip Dick "The Adjustment Team", published in the fifties, is the first time director Nolfi, writer of hit films like "Ocean's Twelve" and "The Bourne Ultimatum "also starring Damon.

"The premise of the story are very innovative. I found it interesting the conflict between fate and freedom of action in a group of people, and also novel concept romantic thriller," Nolfi said during an interview with Efe.

Wrote "The Matt character thinking" because they have worked together several times, "adding:" I know him and thought he could do better than anyone else. "

Damon, star of the saga about the adventures of Jason Bourne films like "True Grit," portrays a young, successful New York politician David Norris, who sees his future change after meeting Sellas Elise, a dancer played by Blunt ( "The Devil Wears Prada"), which is love.

"It's actually a short story, are 8 to 10 pages and George invented most of history, and even took a couple of things in the story, the characters are invented," Damon told Efe.

He also explained that when he was offered the role he thought it was "good idea" because he had not done a role like this and thought that people would like, he would "think a little."

The chemistry also works with co-star, Emily Blunt, who noted that "working together, it was great, very easy and was very good."

To play its role in contemporary ballet dancer, English actress needed special preparation to eight weeks of daily training.

"I trained with a specialized company of ballet in New York and helped me a lot because I had no experience in it and it was very important to the character and I had to learn it," the actress told Efe.

Joining them involved Anthony Mackie ("The Hurt Locker") and John Slattery ("Mad Men") as two of the representatives of the office controlling the fate and two opposing roles.

Slattery (Richardson) said, meanwhile, who read the story, which is "very short and very different to the film, even if the starting point."

"The idea in the short story is that there are people that fit people's lives and do not know. I thought that was very interesting, which is based on reality, unlike other Dick stories like 'Blade Runner'. The combination between the reality of New York and science fiction seemed very interesting, "he added.

Mackie (Harry), who plays one of those drivers is kind of fate that the difficult love story of Damon and Blunt and facilitates a change in destination, read the story, which he confesses that he "loved" and that this was one of the reasons for making the film.

"The hardest part was to run all day from the street 28 to 48. That was very difficult. There is a chase scene in the film, which is repeated several times and I had to run after a bus, about a mile" , said the actor.

Damon is already working on his upcoming projects, film "We Bought a Zoo," directed by Cameron Crowe and Joahnsson with Scarlett, and "Liberace", premiering in 2012 and will be directed by Steven Sorderbergh, with Michael Douglas .

Blunt, meanwhile, is about to start shooting "Looper", "a rather dark film, a sci-fi thriller, with Joseph Gordon Lewitt and Bruce Willis."

Slattery is about to launch the drama "Return" and plans to direct a film itself, while Anthony Mackie released soon "Real Steel" with Hugh Jackman.