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Maybe this IS World War Three

I saw a promo for some British sketch comedy show. We see two men in Nazi Gestapo uniforms. One says, "We do have skulls on our caps. Are WE the baddies?"

Americans might now ask themselves the same question. We have drones flying over a number countries. One drone is called the "Predator", the other the "Reaper", as in Grim Reaper. The military gloats that people on the ground can be watched and followed for days with them and they never know it, and they can then be killed at will, all by remote control.

And now we're in war number four, just launched against Libya.

War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. Plus the US has been killing people in Yemen and has been bankrolling terrorists attacking Iran, not to mention the ongoing Israeli war against Palestinians and their continuing threats against Lebanon.

How many simultaneous wars against Muslim countries do we have to be in before they're all lumped together in one massive war against Islam? Obama felt free to do this without consulting Congress at all, and nobody seems troubled by this, which might give the impression that it was part of a larger war we're already in rather than a new war against another country.

There are people in the U.S. who are pointing to this as a threat against Syria and any other predominately Muslim country the U.S. doesn't like, that we'll attack them if they try to stop mobs of demonstrators from overthrowing their governments.