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Miley Cyrus Riding in New York

Here I have some pictures of Miley Cyrus who rides in New York 2011 28 February Monday afternoon with her friend and stylist Denika as he prepares for his debut as host of "Saturday Night Live."
Completely away from the fame and luxury, the actress and singer decided to forgo the festivities of the Oscars and rest after his mission trip to Haiti.

Miley has been working with the actor Sean Penn in Haiti, desperately trying to help after the devastating earthquake of 2010. The magazine 'Ticket' for the place, had the opportunity to do an interview with actress and here are some excerpts:

Why are you in Haiti at this time? "I'm here with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Today, I distributed about 200 devices that help children with hearing problems. I am also a great friend of Sean Penn, who I've always invited to visit refugee camps in Haiti and here I am! got some time and came with my mom. The children were very happy to be here. They were grabbing my soul and wanted me to take them all in my arms take. I loved it! "

Will you visit other countries with problems?: "Today we have with my father in Kentucky charity that helps disadvantaged people. We give our support, but now I want to do more and above all, to see with my own eyes. So I would love help people who are also my fans. "