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Natalie Portman is criticized in the U.S. to get pregnant without being married

Natalie Portman won the Oscar for Best Actress at the Oscars last, has been criticized for being pregnant without being married, local media reported.
The star of the black swan (Black Swan) is committed to the choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who worked in the film that earned her the Oscar.

Portman was criticized by some conservative U.S. politicians, who attacked her.

The former governor of Arkansas, who was running for president of the American Union, Mike Huckabee, stressed in an interview with Mike Medved's program, which disagrees with the fact that Portman is not yet married and you wait child.

"People go to Natalie Portman or other Hollywood stars who say, 'We're not married, but we still have our babies and are perfectly'" said the politician.

He added "I think that gives a distorted picture. Glamour glorify and give the idea of having children outside of marriage is something unfortunate. "

Huckabee said that, unlike Portman, "the majority of single mothers are poor, uneducated, unable to find work and if not for government assistance, their children would starve and never have health care" Moreover, "not everyone hires nannies, carers and nurses," he said.

Huckabee's speech also joined the program director, Michael Medved, who criticized the words of appreciation which gave the young woman to receive the Oscar for Best Actress.

Portman thanked Millepied that would have awarded "the most important role" in his life, something which the speaker disagrees. "(Millepied) did not give the most wonderful gift that would have been a wedding ring," said the conductor.

- Our comment: We believe that a child is a blessing from God and we are happy that Natalie is waiting a baby! good luck to her.