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New photos of Zac Efron and With Whiskers

Efron was seen walking the BLD restaurant with a friend in West Hollywood on Thursday (March 10).

Wearing a sexy mustache, the actor for "Charlie St. Cloud" looked cute and casual in denim shorts, a sweater and running shoes, when pushed to the trendy restaurant.

In related news, although Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens gave it quits last month, Miss Hudgens insists they remain friends.

The star of "Beastly" he told reporters, "Many people can get lost in all these lights and glamor. I had to grow with it, just as did Ashley Tisdale and Zac. We were all together on this trip and we had to help ourselves, and Zac is still there when I need it. For that they are friends, and that is something that will never change between us. "