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Paris Hilton Parents want daughter to marry

Kathy and Rick Hilton, love their daughter and know that the right man for her is Cy Waits, as the socialite makes her happy and that love to the girl's parents 30 years.

Paris's mother told a medium that "women today are not usually marry before 30 and have babies at 30 or 40 years. I know she would love to have children. "

But Paris would have to give your life a little "crazy"that leads, but no longer commits the excesses of the past, if you like to enjoy the festivities.

"I know I have been dating for just under a year, but everything is going great. She loves it. Of course, it never entered my head would go through to ask my daughters about their plans.
He added that Waits loves, "is a very friendly, sweet and I see now that Paris is really happy with it. "