People who look like Emilio Estevez

I don't know how I felt about Charlie Sheen. I'm not sure what I've ever seen him in other than his TV show.

And I'll tell you something weird about his brother, Emilio Estevez. I've know three guys over the years who looked and sounded just like him. One of them was in film school, and I thought he should give himself a stage name, like Emilio Sheen, and star in his own movies. But he never made any movies. He works as a photographer now. His bachelor's degree and his resemblance to Emilio Estevez both wasted.

I also knew a guy who looked and sounded like Neal Diamond and another guy who looked and sounded like Harry Reasoner.

I find it strange that they looked and sounded like them. Celebrity look-alikes are common enough. Do they usually sound like them, too?

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