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Robert Pattinson Justin Bieber and conquer with your hair

Justin is currently touring the UK and like every star knows how to gain the complicity of their fans. When in Rome do as the Romans, it is said Justin. And being in the United States without talking about Robert Pattinson is almost impossible.
The fact is that during his visit to the island, the Canadian singer acknowledges that Robert Pattinson has learned from some subtle techniques to charm women. In other words, the interpreter of Edward Cullen taught to flirt.

Bieber, has told how he met the conqueror.
"One day Robert Pattinson approached me at a party and said:" For some reason people love my hair and always a big point of attraction for girls auto. " It's like, "Hi my name is Robert. Want to touch my hair? "I thought he was joking, but it really works. "

Two of the cutest guys on the current scene, Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson, using the same techniques to attract girls. Although both have the heart occupied with Kristen Stewart and Pattinson Bieber with Selena Gomez, have said they use their hair as a weapon seductive infallible.

She adds that "it's fun. In all the surveys are hair or Robert or me at first and second place." From the statements of Justin Bieber is also discovers that worships the star of Twilight. "Robert is an amazing guy. I love it."