Satellite Images of Parts of Japan Affected by the Tsunami and Earthquake

Kesennuma Miyagi prefecture satellite image
After seeing the images and videos on international news network I still can't grasp how big is the damage in eastern Japan. These new satellite images will help you realize the extent of the damages caused by the massive tsunami and maginitude 9.0 earthquake that happened on Friday. 

Natori satellite images. Notice the smoke even taking these pictures days after the tsunami.

The satellite images from Google, NASA, German Aerospace Center and Taiwan's National Space Organization shows how far inland the sea water traveled and the destruction it caused. You will notice the green fields becoming black and buildings being wiped from the map.  

Nasa satellite images of Eastern Japan. Notice the coastline and how far inland the water went.
NASA’s Terra satellite's images of northeastern Japan. The right image was taken March 12, 2011 about 10:30a.m. and the  left images was taken on February 26, 2011. 

More images below. You can see buildings and even towns being wiped out by the tsunami.

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