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Shakira is in solidarity with a poor district of Buenos Aires

Colombian singer Shakira, touring Argentina, spent the afternoon on Saturday to visit a room and focus of children at social risk in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

The artist, who this week gave recitals in Salta (north) and Cordoba (center), arrived in the evening to the capital, and almost without pausing in his hotel went to the Villa 21-24, in the neighborhood of barracks.

Accompanied by the mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, the artist spoke with community leaders, volunteers and children from early childhood center "The Potter", said the city government.

"Projects like this can inspire you to grow and expand investment for abandoned children in Latin America," said Shakira, who heads the Latin America in Solidarity Action (ALAS).

Dozens of children received Shakira with drawings and letters in the center of early childhood "The Potter" which the singer donated food on behalf of Wings Foundation.

Accompanied by the head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, and his wife, Juliana Awada, Shakira toured the facilities of the child and greeted the young who are there early stimulation.

The Wings Foundation in 2009 signed an agreement with the city government of Buenos Aires to implement public policies and support the program of early childhood centers, where food is provided, health care, stimulation and education for children under the most vulnerable areas of the capital of Argentina.

"It is our dream that political Alas how are you role models, growing in the rest of the country and the region and enrich the dialogue and exchange of knowledge on experiences for early childhood in Latin America," said Colombian artist .

Shakira began Tuesday in Salta Latin American stage Tour of Pop Festival, which continued with presentations on Thursday in Cordoba and Buenos Aires on Saturday.

The singer presents her new album "The sun rises" in addition to his most famous hits, these music festivals in which achieved a great approach with the public.

The tour will continue through the main cities of Latin America until late April.

- Our Comments: It seems perfect Colombian singer so this does for most poor and needy children .. We wish her luck in her career.