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Shakira says the sun is shining in your life

Colombian singer Shakira thinks his album "The sun rises" is very autobiographical, because the sun king is "shining" in his life, in a comment interpreted as a reference to its relationship with the Spanish player Gerard Pique, known today as saying Bogotá.

Shakira, who tonight will be presented in the national capital as part of a tour of Latin America, said that the sun only came out for her but is shining and it makes her feel "energetic."

"It's a very personal record. I think that's why it's called 'The sun rises', it has to do with a sense of liberation from the creative and from the very expression of what I wanted to exorcise myself. Musically, it a record that I have come very close to my own musical tastes, the kinds of sounds that had been doing 'Barefoot' or 'Where are the thieves. "Reminds me of the time," said the newspaper "El Tiempo".

The artist described as "exceptional partner" to her boyfriend of several years, Argentina's Antonio de la Rúa, but declined to comment on Piqué, arguing that their new relationship is part of privacy, Efe said.

"It was an exceptional partner. Through the reflection of life itself, you can see the good that a person does to another. People who know me and hear my music can tell that these almost 11 years together only brought good things, positive and more and more achievements in my life. That only comes when you have a good companion to your side, "he said.

It also was proud of the work of her Pies Descalzos foundation dedicated to social work and headed by former Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Emma Mejia, designated Friday as secretary general of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

"Look at the experience we have had in Colombia, working with Mary Emma, ​​for many children living in extreme poverty could recruit the violence, guerrilla targets have been sad. We have together over the years and several were the highest scores on tests (academic) of the State, others are already in college, "he said.

The singer said he has enough energy for the current tour by Colombian chocolates, which are not lacking in his luggage, and said that one of the greatest moments so far was meeting his imitator Chilean Rodolfo Burgos, called "Shakira."

"I met him, sing together a bit. It's awesome, it has managed identically mimic the tone of my voice. It was nice to meet you and they were very happy," he said.

Similarly, he was proud to sing again at home in today's concert in the Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar in Bogota and said it will be the only point of the tour where giant screens will be placed in several cities to broadcast live their show.

"That got me excited (...) to return to my country, singing in my house makes it different to everything," he said.

Shakira began his tour in Salta (Argentina) and then went to Buenos Aires, Punta del Este (Uruguay), Asuncion and Santiago de Chile. After performing in Bogota, will visit several cities in Brazil, Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Lima, Caracas, Santo Domingo and various parts of Mexico.

Our Comment: Hopefully the sun shining tells in his life and his career .. We wish her luck.